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Recent Talks and Presentations


    • June 2013, STIC13, History of Smalltalk at Tektronix, video, slides (PDF)
    • April 2013, Front Trends 2013, Warsaw, JavaScript: The Machine Language of the Ambient Computing Era, videoslides (Slideshare)

Various audio/visual interviews or conversations involving me and hopefully interesting technical topics.

Chat with Rob Manson about Ambient Computing and Augmented Reality

This is a 2011 Microsoft Channel9 video featuring myself and Rob Manson having a conversation at the YOW! 2011 conference in Melburne.

Chat with Chris Wilson about ECMAScript 5 and IE9

This is a 2010 Microsoft Channel9 video featuring myself and Chris Wilson talking about ECMAScript 5 and its  support in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.  It’s about 40 minutes in length and I ended up doing most of the talking.  Both Chris and I left Microsoft shortly after this so I suppose this was our last official gig as as Microsoft spokesgeeks.

Chat with Dan Ingalls on Smalltalk tops, Lively Kernel, JavaScript etc.

This is a Microsoft Channel9 video of a long chat (72 minutes) I had with Dan Ingalls in 2008. Dan built the earliest Smalltalk implementations for Alan Kay and was responsible for many innovations including the invention of the BitBLT graphics operator and popup menus..  More recently he has been developing the Lively Kernel.  A Smalltalk-like development environment hosted in JavaScript. We talked about the history of Smalltalk, our common experiences as Smalltalk implementors, JavaScript, the future of Web-based computing,etc.

Chat with Jon Udell about History of Smalltalk

This is a 2007 audio only conversation where I talk about the the history and impact of Smalltalk.  Particularly about the Tektronix/Instantiations/Digitalk part of the Smalltalk story.  I don’t recall everything we talked about but I sure there is lots of interesting details for programming language history buffs.

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