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Rebecca Wirfs-Brock’s Blog and Informal Essays


  1. Critical Software Redesign: Creating the Environment for Large Scale Change
  2. Surfacing Worldviews in Design
  3. Getting out of your ruts
  4. Our Heuristics are Shaped Through Experience
  5. Testing, Testing...our Heuristics
  6. Critically Engaging With Models
  7. 2021 Year End Review
  8. Models and Metaphors
  9. Too Much Salt?
  10. Design and Reality
  11. Is it Noise or Euphony?
  12. Noisy Decisions
  13. Splitting a Domain Across Multiple Bounded Contexts
  14. Design (Un)Certainty and Decision Trees
  15. Reconciling New Design Approaches with What You Already Know
  16. What we say versus what we do
  17. Nothing ever goes exactly by the book
  18. Writing, Remembering, and Sharing Design Heuristics
  19. What do typical design heuristics look like?
  20. Growing Your Personal Design Heuristics Toolkit
  21. What’s going on here?
  22. Being Agile About Documenting and Communicating Architecture
  23. It's Not That Simple: The Interplay Between Fast and Slow Thinking
  24. On Thinking
  25. Digging In
  26. Early Performance Testing at Agile 2015
  27. Shift Left: Testing Earlier in Development
  28. Future Commitment
  29. Mob Programming: The Unruly Experience
  30. What does karaoke have to do with being agile?
  31. Life in the Mob
  32. Can Nudging Help Us Make Better Choices?
  33. Making New Behaviors Stick
  34. What good is knowing if it’s not half the battle?
  35. Beware of Dogma. No. Be aware of dogma
  36. Why Process Matters
  37. When in Rome...
  38. Making Strong, Lively Centers
  39. What Makes for Lively Centers?
  40. Discovering Lively Centers
  41. Can't I Just Be Reasonable?
  42. Distinguishing between testing and checking
  43. Architecture at Agile 2013
  44. Architecture Patterns for the Rest of Us
  45. Why Domain Modeling?
  46. Domain-Driven Design Applied
  47. Thanks to Joe and Jason...this blog is live again
  48. Evangelizing New (Software Architecture) Ideas and Practices
  49. How far should you look ahead?
  50. Agile Architecture Myth #5: Never Look Ahead
  51. What is Pragmatic Testing All About?
  52. An Architect's Dilemna: Should I Rework or Exploit Legacy Architecture?
  53. Agile Architecture Myths #4 Because you are agile you can change your system fast!
  54. Re-thinking Thinking and Planning
  55. Who Defines (or Redefines) Landing Zone Criteria?
  56. Landing Zone Targets: Precision, Specificity, and Wiggle Room
  57. Agile Landing Zones
  58. Introducing Landing Zones
  59. Software Architecture Stewardship
  60. Agile Architecture Myths #3 Good Architecture Emerges
  61. “Software Decision Making Under Stress"
  62. Agile Architecture Myths #2 Architecture Decisions Should Be Made At the Last Responsible Moment
  63. Agile Architecture Myths #1 Simple Design is Always Better
  64. Slicing and Dicing Complex Projects...
  65. This blog has moved
  66. Las Vegas....gambling on agile?
  67. Draw a Tree
  68. Design For Test
  69. The Value of Design Documentation
  70. Sustainable Design
  71. Open Spaces aren’t for everyone
  72. What Drives Design?
  73. Three in a Row
  74. Software Design and Development is Fun???!
  75. Design Hygiene
  76. Junk faxes, print cartridges and canceling-oh my!
  77. Round the world in 28 days
  78. Lessons Learned from Architecture Reviews
  79. Agile Open Northwest 2008
  80. A Conversation with Dan and Allen
  81. Challenges When Communicating Designs
  82. Deconstructing Frankenstein
  83. Notes from my Japan Book Tour
  84. Giving Design Advice
  85. Nuances
  86. It's really Wong Design....
  87. Wrong Design?!
  88. Agile Apologies
  89. Working--share your experience
  90. Agile Open Northwest was for real
  91. Martin Fowler is no Kent Beck
  92. Agile Open Northwest
  93. Barely good enough doesn’t cut it
  94. ATM Activation Update
  95. Really, we're just trying to help
  96. But Joe says....
  97. Translating Object Design
  98. Pay by the job, or pay as you go?
  99. Bicycles, bicycles...
  100. Workarounds vs workthroughs
  101. Can you really estimate complexity with use cases?
  102. Just Enough Structured Analysis
  103. Agile Podcasts
  104. False Dichotomies and Forced Divisions
  105. Pattern drift
  106. Alan Shalloway’s Hat Trick
  107. Start Me Up...
  108. John Vlissides
  109. Exceptional exceptions
  110. Customer service that works!
  111. OOPSLA, Creativity, and Practice
  112. Musings of an OOPSLA elder
  113. Paremetric Diversions Revisited
  114. Parametric polymorphic--or driving behavior with data
  115. Fitting problem framing into everything else you do
  116. Loaded words
  117. It’s official...specs are “bad”
  118. It’s not OK..or is it?
  119. Little things add up
  120. Exactly what do you mean?
  121. Framing and Questioning
  122. The World’s Smallest Software Development Quiz
  123. Comparing Design Notes over Coffee
  124. Why Objects?
  125. Don’t Look for Grisgris
  126. The Cost of Inertia
  127. Timely events in Use Cases
  128. Rock, Paper, Scissors--oh Sh#$%!
  129. Whole Systems Thinking and Pesky Details
  130. Good enough domain models
  131. Lava Flows, Swiss Army Knives, and Boat Anchors for the rest of us
  132. Problem Frames and an Eager Designer
  133. Speculative Design
  134. Notes from a Responsible Designer