Why Mozilla?

March 25, 2011

in Mozilla,Post-PC/Ambient Computing

As somebody who is on record as believing that web browsers are a transitional technology, people occasionally ask me why I decided to go to work for a “browser company” like Mozilla. You can find a big part of the answer here:

As we move deeper into The Next Era of Computing there are still many questions about which technologies, organizations, and business models will define it. In every previous computing era and sub-era, a single proprietary “platform” emerged to dominate it. Will this happen again for the Ambient Computing era? A common platform is essential because it provides the foundation that everything else is built upon. This enables innovators to focus on creating their unique value rather than wasting most of their time recreating necessary infrastructure. It also enables, these technical innovations to be made ubiquitously available.

The current foundations of the emerging computing era are open web technologies. Can the standards-based open web maintain its role as the universal platform for this era? If so, it will need to continue to evolve and embrace innovation. Having just returned from a JavaScript standards meeting, I’m again reminded about how messy and slow consensus driven “standards” processes can be. Standards committees are not places where rapid innovation can or necessarily should occur. Proprietary platform vender have a real advantage in their ability to unilaterally make innovative choices about the evolution of their platform. However, those choices are always first and foremost driven by the business interest of the organizations and their shareholders.

If the standard’s based open web platform is going to continue to be the dominant platform for this era, its evolution needs to be driven by agile innovative organizations who are dedicated to its success. We need pragmatic organizations who are driven by the interests of computing users and not just their own dominance and profitability. Mozilla is such an organization. I think it has an essential role to play in advancing the next generation of computing technology and I’m really excited to be a part of it. so, I encourage everybody to find out more about Mozilla and how you can contribute.


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