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About Me

I'm a data-storyteller. What's that? Well...

Writing is my passion. Some of my favorite topics include: technology + society, the environment, agriculture, trash + waste, public health.

I love data as much as I love words + language, and have recently become interested in data visualization, data design, interactive mapping, and geographic journalism.

I'm currently a freelance data storyteller and civic technologist. I direct Floodlight, a digital storytelling platform for community organizations. Previously, I worked as data curator at The Piton Foundation, where I made data visualizations and developed tools to make data easier for people to use. Before that, I was a reporting intern at the Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network (I-News) and for two years I worked at CU's Center of Environmental Journalism. I grew up in Portland, Ore., and received my bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering (aero/astro) from MIT and my master's degree in environmental journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Why did I make this site?

The projects I'm working on - professionally, academically, recreationally - are scattered all over the web. I created this site to bring together a disparate body of work. I won't be updating this site super regularly (see my blog and Twitter feed), but it will serve as a portfolio.

Some of my (more fun) projects include:

On a more cerebral level, I enjoy building websites. From scratch. Even if it's slow and clunky. Maybe because I like digging in the dirt and baking ugly pies. (And, as I learned recently, old, wilty hops impart a better aroma.)