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An Experiment: Slide Bites

Over the last several years, a lot of my ideas about the future of computing have emerged as I prepared talks and presentations for various venues. For such talks, I usually try to illustrate each key idea with an evocative slide. I’ve been reviewing some of these presentations for material that I should blog about. But one thing I noticed is that some of these slides really capture the essence of an idea. They’re worth sharing and shouldn’t be buried deep within a presentation deck where few people are likely to find them.

So, I’m going to experiment with a series of short blog posts, each consisting of an image of one of my slides and at most a paragraph or two of supplementary text. But the slide is the essence of the post. One nice thing about this form is that the core message can be captured in a single tweet. A lot of reading time isn’t required. And if it isn’t obvious, “slide bite” is a play on “sound bite”.

Let me know (tweet me at @awbjs) what you think about these slide bites. I’m still going to write longer form pieces but for some ideas I may start with a slide bite and then expand it into a longer prose piece.